Instructions for Authors


The official language of the Congress will be English.
The papers should be written in English and presentation could be in both, English and Serbian.
Authors have to use attached TEMPLATE (doc) or TEMPLATE (LaTex).

Manuscript Submission

Submit your extended abstract on two or four pages (doc, docx, pdf format only) through our online submission system at the following LINK.

Submission Platform Guide

If the user does not have an account, user needs to register on the platform by clicking on the Registration link and entering user data.

When the user is successfully registered, user can log in on the submission platform.

After user logs in, user is offered the options to use buttons Add manuscript” and/or Submit a manuscript to submit new paper. By clicking these two buttons, user opens the corresponding section for uploading papers. On the page “Article Type Selection“, the user selects the type of submission (Extended Abstract or Full Paper); on the page “Attach files“, the user uploads the manuscript file (doc, docx, pdf format only); on the page “General Information“, user selects the area of papers interest; on the page “Comment” the user adds a comment on the given work and on the page “Manuscript” user adds information such as: Title, Abstract, Keywords, Authors and Funding Information.