Conferences Thematic Areas

AI in Domain-specific Applications

  • AI in Computational Biology, Medicine and Biomedical Applications
  • AI in WWW, Communication, Social Networking, Recommender Systems, Games and E-Commerce
  • AI in Finance and Risk Management

AI in Data Analytics and Big Data

  • Visual Analytics for Big Data
  • Computational Modeling for Big Data
  • Large-scale Recommendation and Social Media Systems
  • Cloud/Grid/Stream Data Mining for Big Velocity Data
  • Semantic-based Big Data Mining

Machine Learning and Data Mining

  • Pre-processing, Dimension Reduction and Feature Selection Computing, Bayesian and Neural Networks
  • Learning Graphical Models and Complex Networks
  • Active, Cost-Sensitive, Semi-Supervised, Multi-Instance, Multi-Label and Multi-Task Learning
  • Transfer/Adaptive, Rational and Structured Learning